JSC ,,Kemena house” offers not only unitary decorated wood furniture, but also home decorations made
from brass.

Our furniture is made from natural wood. The surface of each piece is hand finished with special wax’s to
give impression of antiquity. We use ecological paints which depending on the chosen color are hand
applied up to five times. Depending on the chosen color or drawing the same piece of furniture could look
very different. The painting and getting older for the furniture is handmade.Profesional painters are doing
décor of the furniture, so they can achieve everything from a very minimalistic to iconing painting. The
process of ageing is tailed to the customer. Every furniture is covered at least seven coats. First two coatsusing different kind of wax. This method of finishing takes a lot of time, but it can guarantee individual
piece of furniture and long time exploitation. If customers wants, furniture can also be made with hand
mades handles or other elements. Our variety of furniture lets you choose one style furniture for all house,
country house, hotel or restaurant.

Furniture painted with spray with handmade carving makes furniture more value and transfers it in interior
accent. If customer wants we can make furniture more personal-with zodiacal signs, initiation, and personal

Exclusive attention is paid to the disquisition of Baltic polychromic décor and applying it creatively to
furniture production. At ,,Kemena house” exposition you can see live tree theme decorated beds, cabinets,
chest of draws but also the furniture decorated with carving and Italian ornamentation. There is also folk
décor-authentic replication of furniture. Arks and wardrobes are decorated that way. It is expected to
attract the owners of country tourism homestead and owners of private houses. Furniture decorated in
that way does also an educational role, because furniture is decorated with symbols or paintings which are
archetypal exactly to one of the regions. For foreign people furniture will present Lithuanian art originality.

With this furniture accessories from brass fits really well. Accessories from brass are a copys decoration
which was made hundred years ago. Now, family concern from Italy produces this decoration with
especially technology. In ,,Kemena house” salon in Vilnius you will find really large options of these
furniture’s and decorations.

You can find us:
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